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I'm vegan, integral, transhumanist, socialist, and unceasingly enthusiastic about life.

Apollo Lemmon

Drinking Mural

Saturday I began the Zombies, Run! Fall 2016 Virtual Race along a waterfront trail in Dartmouth. At that spot there's a great drinking mural and it was surrounded by a puddle that gave me the impression of the giant person having dipped the mug in.

Apollo Lemmon

Chickpea 21: Coming Home

1 min read

Each issue of Chickpea Vegan Quarterly is a delight. The autumn issue, Coming Home, is beautifully designed and full of great content. The recipes and DIY instructions are especially good in this one.


creating the café experience at home · easy bath DIY’s · - a collection of our favorite kitchen submissions from our readers · let’s stay in: a takeout menu to make at home · hosting guests, made easy · homebody - an exploration of home & self · the ins & outs of meal planning and prepping · and more!


Apollo Lemmon

Jumping for Nocturne

Saturday night I went out with Tonet, Meredith and Jessie for Halifax's Nocturne, a fantastic showcase of art across the city. There were some wonderful pieces, including a giant robot that could be manipulated, a weird peep show, music and light displays, projections onto buildings, VR experiences and an endless cycle race. But this one moment of Tonet and Meredith jumping was the most whimsical thing I captured. 

Apollo Lemmon

An Owomoyela's "Unauthorized Access"

2 min read

An Owomoyela's "Unauthorized Access" was published in Lightspeed Magazine's September issue and it's a fun take on cyberpunk. The narration by Jayme Grant cemented it as among the best podcast episodes from Lightspeed this year.

Prison 17 had been built long enough ago that it got next to no natural light—before all the studies that said that light was good for prison behavior and morale. And of course the rest of its district had been remodded in the past ten years, so the view from outside was a phalanx of solar panels over heat-reflecting paint, making a headache-inducing pattern of black and white. Prisons and hydroponics. That was about all that called this district home.

Which didn’t stop three dozen gawkers from gathering outside the prison gate.

Aedo had expected it, but it still caught her up short. She froze on the sidewalk and saw the flashes of ocular implants and handheld cameras; that was probably going to be the picture on the newsfeeds, above the fold.

She drew a hand back through her hair, impulsively.

A quick-and-dirty breakdown of the crowd by age and dress suggested that probably a quarter of them were for legitimate news streams. She didn’t recognize most of the ones in ratty shirts with the logo of the counterculture of the month. She met their eyes first, though: allies. Then she cleared her throat and made herself walk forward, holding up a hand like she was holding court.

“Thanks for being here,” she said. She’d practiced her statement in prison, with the sympathetic ears she’d just worked her way around to thinking of as friends, and fell back on that without thinking about how completely nil it’d sound as a soundbyte. “I have stuff to say on Government data, but right now I want dinner, a shower, and a nap. I’ll post a blog in the next few days, and if you want an interview, message me.”

Apollo Lemmon

Zombies, Run! The Board Game

2 min read

The folks behind the best narrative fitness game are producing an audio-driven board game set in the Zombies, Run! universe, Zombies, Run! The Board Game. Board games and running are two of my most vital hobbies, and I'm excited to see a running experience move into the board game space.

The game presents a real-time narrative on a phone or tablet that compliments a fairly simple card game mechanic and uses a dry-erase map. It promises to be immersive and incredibly fun if it carries on even some small bit of the magic of the Zombies, Run! app.

Prepare your 2-4 player team for a frantic, real-time sprint across a zombie-infested landscape! Rescue survivors, uncover secrets, and (hopefully!) find a cure.

With our app, you'll hear zombies approaching as you work together to escape them. You'll hear the voices of survivors and make snap decisions about who to trust – and who to stab in the back for a few first aid kits. But beware: they'll remember this!

You can start playing in seconds - and embark on a journey that's as quick as 30 minutes, or as epic as 30 hours.

Living, Persistent World: Your decisions really matter, because the app remembers your choices. Whether you befriend or betray someone, it'll have consequences. The world changes even without your input, as zombie hordes roam across the map, settlements rise and fall, and the end of humanity moves ever closer.

Environmental Puzzles: While searching for vital supplies, your radio picks up a garbled transmission. A voice cries out for help, lost in the wilderness. The only landmarks are smoke to the north and the sound of water to the south-east. Can you triangulate their position and find them before it’s too late?

Audio Adventure: Board games are about having fun with your friends, not staring at screens! That's why we keep your eyes off the app, and instead we fill your room with fantastic award-winning audio.

Expandable: Our game can sustain multiple playthroughs, thanks to its branching storyline and massive open world. As with Zombies, Run!, our app gives us the ability to to add new stories, new characters, new zombies, and new maps in the future!


Apollo Lemmon

Woman and Whales Graffiti

Along the path that follows past the canal and along the train tracks and waterfront in Dartmouth there are some fantastic pieces of graffiti and wall art. This is one of my favourites.

Apollo Lemmon

Power Struggle's This MIC Kills Fascists

1 min read

Power Struggle's This MIC Kills Fascists is a fantastic hip hop EP that delivers passionate advocacy from the radical left within stellar production from Digital Martyrs. 

The title of this EP was inspired by the legendary American protest folk singer Woody Guthrie, who wrote the slogan on his guitar "This Machine Kills Fascists". In the spirit of keeping Hip-Hop protest music in an era where Neoliberal Capitalism has co-opted the music of the streets, I hope this album educates, agitates and inspires people to keep fighting for a more just and peaceful world. - Nomi




Apollo Lemmon

Ian Penn's Water From The Creek

2 min read

Ian Penn is conducting a PledgeMusic Campaign to fund the release of his first LP, Water From the Creek. Ian quickly became one of my favourite singer-songwriters and his heartfelt folk songs are real treasures. In the campaign Ian is offering digital, vinyl and CD releases and some other great items.

Hello! I am pleased to announce the launch of my brand new album through Pledge Music.

Last year, after the release of my debut EP ‘Wild Abandon’, I supported Dragonfly Collector on their Philippine tour. We travelled forty cities and provinces singing in a span of four months- all the way across to the other side – zooming endlessly.

I came home with beautiful memories with a handful of songs I’ve written on the road- this album is entitled “Water From the Creek”.

By pre-ordering the album, you will automatically get an instant download of the first live demo of “Water From The Creek”, as well as a digital copy of the full album on the day of release.

We’re offering a range of exclusive merchandise from signed Vinyl, CDs and Postcards, to handwritten lyrics, to custom made guitars and house concerts. We have got a little something for all of you. 

 If you're among the too many who haven't heard Ian yet, I also recommend you listen to his superb EP Wild Abandon.

Apollo Lemmon

Zombies, Run! 2016 September 27

I had a solid run in the rain tonight. I feels good to be getting back to regular runs after a week with only a couple dashes.

Deciphered ancient directions and evaded zombies to find a true treasure


Apollo Lemmon

Big Data

2 min read

The Big Data podcast has released two episodes so far, but as a Kickstarter backer I've been able to listen ahead. I can tell you it's a tremendously fun audio drama that informs and entertains throughout its 9 episode run. It featres voice acting from a large cast that includes Felicia Day (Geek & Sundry), Cecil Baldwin (Welcome to Night Vale), and Felix Trench (Zombies, Run!'s Phil Cheeseman) and the writing, directing and editing of multimedia hero Ryan Estrada.

As soon as I heard the true story of the seven keys to the internet, I knew that it would make an amazing series of heists. Did you know that IN REAL LIFE, in order to make sure no one country has too much control over the internet, there are seven people from seven parts of the world with keys to control it? They have to meet with those keys every three months in a steel cage covered in retinal scanners and earthquake sensors to do an elaborate ceremony that keeps the internet working. That is a real thing. And that's just the BEGINNING of how it all works. This show is about what would happen if someone were to steal those keys. it's a series of heists, taking place all over the world... ranging from hijacking top secret military satellites, to stealing a dude's pants. It's a story about how hacking affects our world... but without a single actual hacker anywhere to be found.

 This is the good stuff, so don't miss out on the most fun you can have learning about the weird way the internet is safeguarded.